ASAvet at SEVC

Barcelona, October 18th-20th 2012
Thursday, October 18, 2012

There will also be ASAvet 18 to 20 October in Barcelona at the Southern European Veterinarian Conference (SEVC).

During the meeting, the veterinary division of ASAlaser, thanks to the support of the Spanish partner Laser Tech Iberian expose devices Mphi Vet and Mphi Equine used for the application of MLS®Laser Therapy companion animals, equine and exotic species .

«The aim of our participation in this important event - says Miljana Glazar, product specialist ASAvet - is first of all to present to veterinarians who will be attending in SEVC MLS® Laser Therapy explaining the application for the resolution of common diseases in pet. A showcase how this represents an important opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of this therapy that has already garnered allow in USA and the countries of Northern Europe ».

Download the scientific programe