Equine Rehabilitation: two seminars

Friday, February 15, 2019
Roma (Italia)

A double appointment in Rome for ASAveterinary: on 15th February at the Horse Fair for the Seminar “Principles of Equine Rehabilitation” by Doctor Melissa King from Colorado State University (USA) and on the 16th at the premises of the 4th Regiment of the Carabinieri on Horseback for “WetLab Equine Rehabilitation”. On this occasion, in addition to the speech by Doctor King, there will be an in-depth analysis on the application of MLS® Laser Therapy in treating typical equine issues, by Doctor Tatjana Falconi, equine veterinarian.

When: 15-16 February 2019

Where: Rome, Italy

For more information: https://cms.sive.it/it/eventi/16598

SIVE - Società Italiana Veterinari per Equini