A completely new veterinary device

ASA’s Research and Development Division has created M-VET, which combines the benefits of the MLS® synchronised pulse with fibre optics technology that channels large packets of energy to tissues completely safely.
An excellence in the field of veterinary therapeutic solutions thanks to pairing:
  • user-friendly graphic interface
  • dedicated state-of-the-art software
  • possibility of autonomous updating
  • ease of transport
  • versatility
  • 4 different terminals, immediately recognised with automatic parameter adjustment
Its ergonomics, lightness and resistance to impacts, scratches and bites ensure it is a valid workmate.

MLS® for paraparesis post-surgery rehabilitation

Courtesy of Doctor Lili Asnal
Patagonia Veterinary Clinic, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Buffy, a mongrel suffering from paraparesis due to disc extrusion, after laminectomy surgery begins an intensive physiotherapy path which includes MLS® Laser Therapy. Thanks also to the «IVDD» programs applied to the roots of the nerves which originate from the spinal column, the «Back pain» program on the muscles of the back and the «Muscle contracture» program on the hind legs, she resumes walking properly after 15 sessions.

“Compared with the past, today’s vet has the opportunity to keep updated and to broaden his/her knowledge without being limited to what was acquired when studying. Work in the future will only improve if we continue to want to be affected positively by scientific influence and by the innovations this brings”

Dr. Giordana Zanna (DVM, PhD, ECVD Certified and in charge of the Dermatological Veterinary Service at IVN - Gruppo AniCura)


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After a wounded and excoriated paw due to a trap, the brown bear which had the nasty accident resumed running thanks to MLS® Laser Therapy.

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The Le Magazine de la Santé broadcast on channel France5 analyses the effective use of MLS® Laser Therapy for treating arthrosis in dogs.

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In order to treat a serious type of arthritis to the legs, Olgo the turkey undergoes cycles of treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy.

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