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From MLS® Laser Therapy to Products of Mphi Vet and Mphi Vet Orange and some succesful clinical cases.

  • MLS®: Laser Therapy in animals treatments

    The diseases that affect companion animals, exotic species and horses have been finishing. A new therapeutic technique based on a patented laser pulse, generated by a syncronised continuous and pulsed emission system, reaching deep into the tissue allows to treat them effectively and rapidly. Without pain and side effects for the animal.

    55% of Italians are owner of a pet: 55.6% chooses the dog as additional member of the family, while 49.7% welcomes in the home a cat. Smaller percentages instead widen the household with fish (4.9%), turtles (4.7%), birds (4.1%), rodents (2.1% rabbits and 1.6% hamsters) and reptiles (0,8%)*.

    Cohabitation is the result of a choice that involves emotional responsibility and duty of care towards animals (Declaration of Animal Rights, Art. 1, 1977 - “All animals are born equal before the life and have the same rights to ‘existence”).

    MLS® Laser Therapy: healing is a matter of “harmony”

    To treat effectively, quickly and without any side effects the diseases that frequently affect companion animals and exotic ones, but also horses, ASAlaser research center – company engaged in advanced medical technologies production - has developed MLS® pulse. Patented in Italy and the USA, MLS® is generated by a sophisticated system for continuous and pulsed emission, synchronized and combined, with two different wavelengths able to reach deep into the tissues.
    The advanced control system Multiwave Locked System (MLS®), guaranteeing in fact the synchronization of emissions and their modulation according to optimal intervention schemes, produces an harmonic therapeutic effect and upgraded in anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic field.
    Allowing the metabolism rebalancing of the suffering tissue and the activation of the mechanisms that govern the recovery of reparative processes, MLS® also speeds up the timing of healing.
    The result? Maximum efficiency and quickness in the treatment of diseases that affect the animal.
    All this without causing pain.
    To learn the basic principles of MLS® Laser Therapy

    Pain, inflammation and edema: the solution is MLS®

    Scientifically validated through biomedical research and clinical trials conducted in research centers of international importance, MLS® Laser Therapy, thanks to its ability to penetrate deep into tissues, is effective in the pain treatment, inflammation and edema, promoting a rapid healing of superficial lesions (wounds and sores), improvement of local blood circulation, recovery of the structural integrity of the damaged tissues and the consequent improvement the quality of life of the animal and owner. The shorter treatment times, the speed of application rate and the rapidity of therapeutic response makes it easily tolerated by the small animals, horses and exotic species, by nature easily stressed.
    To find in MLS® the most suitable treatment are many diseases that range from musculoskeletal and neurological pain to muscle-tendon injuries, from superficial skin lesions (sores and wounds) to abscesses until the post surgical operation therapy.
    Investigate the therapeutic indications


    *source: Italy Report 2013 / EURISPES

  • MLS® Laser Therapy: 3 successful cases

    Indicated to treat a wide range of diseases commonly spread between small animals, horses and exotic species, MLS® Laser Therapy allows the patient the full recovery of better quality of life, without contraindications or side effects during treatment. Three cases will tell the success

    Restore the animal the best condition of life when he is suffering from a disease is a priority for those who decide to make him a family member. MLS® Laser Therapy, innovative therapeutic technique in veterinary medicine, result of ASAlaser research and studies, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic and biostimulating effects, allows his full recovery. From small animals to horses until exotic species, MLS® has contributed to the resolution of complex diseases such as daily outpatient management cases, supporting the veterinary in the therapy.

    MLS® alongside your companion animals

    Non-invasive, safe, painless and rapid in the therapeutic response, MLS® Laser Therapy has proven effective in the treatment of diseases frequently found in companion animals. Some examples? Tendon and muscle injuries, contusions, hematomas, lick granulomas and perianal fistulas. Even in dermatology field therapy has been decisive, as confirmed by the case of Zora.

    Zora: MLS® in pyoderma and atopic dermatitis

    Zora is a 5 years old German Shepherd with a complex dermatological situation, consisting of deep pyoderma in German Shepherd Dog, associated with deep pyoderma multidrug bacterial caused by Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) and allergic dermatitis. A condition that shows itself in the form of lesions of alopecia, erosive-ulcerative-crusted (elbows, armpits, chest, outer thighs, shanks and interdigital spaces), erosive labial lesions-crusted mucocutaneous and itching.
    Therapy consists of antibiotic therapy, shampoo therapy and MLS® complete cycle (3 sessions per week for 3 consecutive weeks, then 2 applications a week for 2 weeks and 1 closing once a week for 1 month) with the application of “infected wounds” protocol.
    At the end of the cycle, Zora presents an optimal clinical situation: absence of active lesions and infection itching.

    MLS® in horse therapy

    The powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, the rapid pain reduction, fast recovery of the structural integrity of damaged tissues and the high tolerance by the patient: these are the strengths that make MLS® a therapeutic technique particularly suitable for equine medicine. Faustino case is a valid example.

    Faustino: MLS® for back pain horse

    Faustino is a 4 years old Oldenburg gelding that has a sudden tenderness in the spine to load the muscle thoracic and lumbosacral paraspinal chains.
    The ultrasound examination conducted during the clinical examination does not detect any pathological changes: the sudden onset of pain with subsequent muscle strain are therefore due to intense physical activity. To spare him pain, Faustino is then subjected to a first treatment with MLS® with a double combination of programs: the “back pain” protocol is combined with the “tear-stretching-trigger” one.
    If at the end of the first session, the rachidian tenderness was decreased, the apparent analgesic effect of the treatment was entirely found the next day, with a significant decrease of pain (70-80%) perceived on palpation.

    MLS® and exotic animals: a lucky combination

    The speed in the application time, together with the excellent tolerability and the absence of pain, make MLS® the best method to treat diseases commonly spread among exotic animals that, easily stressed, poorly tolerate treatments excessive in duration. The treatment effectiveness is carried out in many clinical cases as that one of a canary with feather pecking.

    Mimì: MLS® decisive in a feather pecking case

    Mimì is a 5 years old female canary with a significant wings feathers loss from about 4 months. The clinical examination, however nothing good general conditions, attests a serious condition of feather pecking on the upper and lower surface of the wings. To treat the problem Mimì is submitted once a day for 15 days to MLS®.
    After three days from the first session, there is an obvious growth of the first feathers in blood that continues until the fifteenth day. After 13 days from the start of therapy the first fledgling feathers begin to reappear.


  • Mphi Vet: device for MLS® application that takes care of your animal

    It’s called Mphi Vet the device for MLS® Laser Therapy application born from ASAlaser design. Reduced in size, low in weight, portable, technologically sophisticated – although easy to understand - full complement of accessories, the device is available in two lines distinguished by the different peak emission, the number of available pre-set programs and the supplied accessories.

    Mphi 25W: 39 preset programs for companion animals and horses and a resticted area to save personal protocols

    Two devices - Mphi Vet and its version with transport Mphi Vet Trolley - designed to best meet the needs of daily practice veterinarians. Inside and outside the clinic. In common the same effectiveness and simplicity of use.

    Mphi Vet

    Peak emission of 25 W for Mphi Vet, device reduced in size and weight (36 x 28 x 10 cm; 3 kg), with lithium polymer battery in order to be autonomous, equipped with ergonomic handpiece and completed by a filter for hairs and dust that ensures maximum performance during each treatment. Super tech it provides an advanced user interface with graphical color display, touch-screen backlit display for better working conditions and a software that offers complete operating modes. Its strengths? 18 pre-set programs for the dog and the cat, 21 pre-set programs for equine, ability to customize each treatment parameter and a reserved area to store personal protocols.

    Mphi Vet Trolley

    All the specifications of Mphi Vet with the plus of an ergonomic trolley with not bulky size (63 x 54 x 85 cm, 20 kg) Mphi Vet Trolley, designed to facilitate the device movement during daily outpatient practice, further simplifying the use. A complete working tool that combines design and efficiency.

    Orange line: 75W Peak Power, 41 Pre-set programs for companion animals and horses and 41 pre-set ones for exotic animals. Maximum completeness of the equipement.

    The new frontier of devices for MLS® application in veterinary is orange. Mphi Vet and Mphi Vet Trolley are declined in “orange” and increase the peak power (75 W) and the average one (until 1.2 W) being able to best exploit them thanks to the synchronization of emissions (continuous / pulsed and frequenced). The result? Deep penetration into the tissue in the absence of risk, enhanced effectiveness and speed of action on pain, on edema and inflammation, in the activation of repair processes on the cellular level and tissue.

    Mphi Vet Orange

    The size and even weight don’t vary from those of Mphi Vet, but to set the pace is its completeness. To qualify Mphi Vet Orange is its software that, in addition to dedicated protocols for dogs, cats and equine care, offers a composite structure for exotic animals. Goal: a more personalized therapeutic approach that also allows to modify the treatment parameters of the predefined protocols to create own treatment protocols. In the sign of completeness are also the supplied accessories: provided in addition to the traditional safety glasses, the tool bag holder, the door handle table and the shoulder belt for portable use, are in fact the laserpuncture kit and the light guide for the oral cavity treatment. To facilitate the treatment of pathologies of this specific area is useful the interchangeability of the handpiece terminal: the standard lens (target area of 2 cm in diameter) can be easily and quickly replaced with high efficiency light guides, able to convey the laser beam in spot much smaller for the execution of specific therapies for oral diseases and laserpuncture. The curve light guide is particularly suited to the treatment of diseases such as gingivitis and stomatitis, minimizing the disturbance to the animal and the problems for those who performs the treatment. The conical light guide, short and with a spot of just 4mm in diameter, has been specially designed for laserpuncture applications.

    Mphi Vet Trolley Orange

    Mphi Vet Trolley Orange repeats the Mphi Vet Orange specifications and software innovations responding to the needs of rapid displacement imposed by the clinic life thanks to its trolley. Ergonomic and compact it is the most complete solution for MLS® Laser Therapy application.

    A plus: Charlie the perfect applicator to treat the areas most extendend

    It is called Charlie the Multidiodic applicator that, expressing until 3.3 W with the peak emission of 25 W (for Mphi Vet) or until 3.6 W with the peak emission of 75 W (in Mphi Vet Orange version), allows to best treat larger areas of the body and reducing treatment times. Available as optional accessory on all MLS® products for veterinary.

  • ASAveterinary App: da ASAlaser un’applicazione per i professionisti della veterinaria che utilizzano la Laserterapia MLS®. Disponibile su Apple Store e Google Play

    Dalla ricerca tecnologica di ASAlaser e dalla collaborazione con alcuni veterinari e specialisti di riconosciuta fama nazionale ed internazionale  - Dr. Silvia Meggiolaro DVM e Dr. Elena Tognato DVM dell’Ambulatorio Thermal Physiopet, Dr. Tatjana Falconi (DVM Libero professionista ippiatra) e Dr. Giordano Nardini (Responsabile Medicina e Chirurgia  degli animali esotici della Clinica  Veterinaria Modena Sud) – nasce ASAveterinary APP, applicazione destinata ai professionisti della veterinaria utilizzatori di Laserterapia MLS®.

    Vademecum completo per comprenderne ambiti di applicazione, tempi di utilizzo e benefici, ASAveterinary APP, disponibile in 5 lingue (Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Tedesco e Spagnolo), è la risposta alle domande, curiosità e necessità di approfondimento di medici veterinari che l’hanno adottata per trattare l’ampia gamma di patologie riscontrate nella vita ambulatoriale.

    Pensato per tablet e scaricabile gratuitamente su APP Store e Google Play, il tool tecnologico di ASAlaser, avvalendosi sia di 30 video tutorial dedicati all’utilizzo di MLS® su animali da compagnia, equini e specie esotiche, sia di una selezione di casi clinici documentati, permette di massimizzare i benefici della terapia, divenendo supporto all’attività quotidiana dei professionisti della veterinaria.
    A completarlo ci pensano una panoramica dei dispositivi per MLS® con relative guide all’utilizzo ed una sezione di contenuti speciali con informazioni di immediata comprensione per trattare con efficacia le patologie che colpiscono diverse specie animale.

    "ASAveterinary APP non è una semplice applicazione, ma è uno vero strumento di lavoro, completo e ricco di nozioni di prima utilità funzionali a comprendere la reale utilità della Laserterapia MLS® nel trattare problematiche comunemente diffuse in ambito Vet. Il tool che abbiamo sviluppato – spiega Roberto Marchesini, Managing Director ASAlaser – consente inoltre al medico veterinario di mostrare al proprietario dell’animale la modalità di applicazione della terapia e i suoi concreti risultati, facendolo così sentire attivamente partecipe. Questa APP si connota infine per il suo alto valore formativo: in ASAlaser crediamo da sempre nella centralità del training per accrescere competenze e professionalità, per questo continueremo ad investire in questa direzione creando strumenti sempre più funzionali, intuitivi e dai riscontri immediati. ASAveterinary APP è solo l’ultimo dei nostri progetti in questa direzione e sarà sicuramente apripista di nuove iniziative".