MLS® Laser Therapy for back pain of the horse: quick and effective analgesic effect

MLS® Laser Therapy for horses

Species: horse
Breed: Oldenburg
Sex: gelding
Age: 4 YO

Case report: Faustino, 4 YO Oldenburg gelding, shows sudden back pain symptoms affecting his paraspinal muscle chains along thoracic and lumbar-sacral regions.

Diagnosis: Clinical assessment and diagnostic imaging (ultrasound exam) didn’t show any pathological modifications, so the sudden onset of back pain has been thought to be caused by muscle soreness due to previous intense ridden workout.

Therapy: Faustino has been treated once with MLS LASERtherapy, and two different programs have been used: a bilateral scan of thoracic and lumbar-sacral paraspinal muscles has been done using “back pain” program, applied with Charlie handpiece; then “strain-tear-trigger” program has been used for point treatment of some stress points on the same affected areas: cranial junction of longissimus costarum at the caudal border of the scapula, spinalis thoracis/longissimus dorsii junction, longissimus/gluteal junction, and gluteal trigger point on middle gluteal muscle.

Right after the treatment back pain had already decreased. The major analgesic effect of the treatment showed up 24 hours later, as a surprisingly obvious decrease (80%) of the pain evoked by palpation of the back.