“We do research” is an expression that identify ASAveterinary.

The efficiency and safety of MLS® therapy has been scientifically approved in ASAcampus - Unified Laboratory at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Science of the University of Florence under the supervision of Dr. Monica Monici – through the development of clinical trials centred around the use of laser therapy in the veterinary field.   

By working together with an international network of researchers, among whom the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science of the University of Padua, ASAcampus has been able to prove the validity of MLS® by identifying the specific biological interactions and the three significant therapeutic effects of the MLS® pulsations (photochemical, photo-thermal, photo-mechanical).

The results of the main studies and clinical trials carried out in Italy and abroad have been brought together in articles and publications such as Energy For Health, a science journal aimed at the cultural promotion of laser therapy and magnet therapy to which internationally renowned doctors and specialists contribute and which is distributed free of charge during training courses and ASAlaser conventions and to those who request it on-line.