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Articles and News from ASAveterinary's world exceptional effects of MLS® in treating numerous veterinary pathologies

The online Korean magazine has no doubts: MLS® Laser Therapy is particularly effective in successfully treating numerous pathologies in pets, such as, among others, bacterial skin infections, granulomas, gingivitis and stomatitis, contusions, pain, musculo-skeletal inflammations and traumas.
The article also analyses the technology which underlies the therapy and its operation.

News & Star: post-surgery with MLS® – the dog Bruno goes back to walking and also treats arthritis

The online magazine News & Star from Carlisle (UK) tells the story of Bruno, a cross between a Rottweiler and a Newfoundland, who, limping due to the rupture of the cruciate ligament of his right paw, was immediately subjected to post-operation MLS® Laser Therapy and went back to walking without problems. Laser therapy is also supporting him in successfully treating the arthritis in the paws that he has developed.

RepubblicaTV: MLS® in the treatment of arthritis in a turkey

To treat a severe form of leg arthritis, the turkey Olgo gets subjected to MLS® Laser Therapy session cycles.

Dr Michela Tognoni from the ‘Veterinary Centre of Dr Loredana Sorrenti’ in Genoa explained the treatment to RepubblicaTV: ‘We applied Laser Therapy after conventional therapy as maintenance, and to reduce inflammation and pain. With a session every 2 days for the first few weeks and then every 3 days, we are confident that over time we will have a total resolution of the disease.’

France5: MLS® and arthrosis in dogs

The Le Magazine de la Santé program of the French TV channel France5 explores the effective use of MLS® Laser Therapy in treating arthrosis in dogs.

The example offered is the case of Meadow, a 4-year-old female Italian hound who, due to a rupture in the ligaments of both knees, fought with persistent arthrosis with consequent pain and postural imbalances.
Laser therapy combined with hydrotherapy have restored a good quality of life.

Televisión abierta de México: focus on MLS® in an interview with Doctor Sades

The benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy in improving the quality of life of Vet patients was one of the topics covered by Doctor Deborah Sades (Zootechnical Veterinary Surgeon at the National Autonomous University of Mexico) during an interview for Canal 10 de la Televisión abierta de México.

Her participation, aired during the program “Aquí Contigo de el Heraldo” for the World PT day and recorded at the Hospital Veterinario K-lev clinic, highlighted the advantages of the therapy, including through showing its application in real time on some pets.

Telemetro: MLS® an innovative therapy for the veterinary sector

MLS® Laser Therapy as a valuable solution for treating Vet issues: this is asserted in a report by, a web and TV channel in Panama, which shows the case of a winged animal presenting a lesion to the spine with compression of some vertebrae.
Thanks to MLS®, the pain was mitigated, the inflammation that drugs were unable to contain was reduced and the patient resumed feeding regularly.