The importance of ongoing training

Learning, keeping up to date and sharing knowledge are the concepts behind ongoing training programmes at ASAveterinary. In Italy and abroad, training is carried out by professionals to support vets in their use of MLS® Laser Therapy helping them to perfect their skills. The training materials used such as success story videos, scientific research publications and user manuals are of top quality.

In-depth themed training evenings, lectures given during national and international conventions, practical in-surgery sessions, seminars and workshops, participation in congresses are but some of the activities undertaken by ASAveterinary with the aim of communicating the advantages of  MLS® Laser Therapy clearly and thouroughly.

ASAveterinary is also a partner of the CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) program, the international certification for canine rehabilitation promoted by the University of Tennessee and by the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL), the training division of the VBS Group for the professional growth of veterinary physiotherapists (VMPT).

ASAveterinary strongly believes in the value of training, so much so that it has made it an essential factor not only to understand the theoretical bases of MLS® Laser Therapy, but mainly to use this in the most effective and high-performing manner both for the patient and during the daily activity. Armed with this awareness, every year it organises courses, workshops and seminars addressed both to vets who already use ASA devices and want to improve their skills and to newcomers who wish to understand their actual effectiveness and scientific value before including MLS® among the therapeutic solutions for their surgery or clinic.

A full schedule of appointments in all the corners of the world is carried out every year by lecturers, trainers and teachers who involve participants in interactive training sessions which combine a theoretical and a practical part, in order to concretely verify the therapy’s value on real cases.

Interviews with trainers

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