FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about MLS® Laser Therapy

  • How many MLS® Laser Therapy treatments are usually necessary?

    Generally, the number of treatments varies from 2 to 10. The choice is based on patient's clinical condition and duration and severity of the disease. On average, the acute conditions require less treatments, while the chronic ones require a higher number of sessions. The exception is represented by skin wounds that should be treated until complete healing.

  • How often should the MLS® Laser Therapy treatments be performed?

    In case of skin wounds it is recommended to perform MLS® Laser Therapy once a day, while for other types of diseases (eg. osteoarthritis, disc disease, oedema, etc.) the treatments can be performed every other day or every three days, according to the clinical conditions of the patient.

  • How long is each session?

    The duration of each session depends on the extent of the treatment area. Generally, for an area of 50 cm2 (10 x 5 cm) the treatment time varies from 2,5 min to 8 min, depending on the choosen treatment modality.

  • How do you perform MLS® Laser Therapy?

    MLS® Laser Therapy is performed with the handpiece which, in the presence of intact skin, is maintained in contact with the skin during treatment. In the presence of skin wounds, the handpiece should be held as close as possible to the treatment area, but without touching the wound (at the distance of 0.5-1 cm)

  • Is it possible to apply MLS® Laser Therapy in the presence of osteosynthesis material?

    If in the treatment area there is osteosynthesis material, it is recommended to treat the surrounding area, without directing the laser emission on metallic parts.

  • Does the patient feel discomfort during the treatment?

    Generally, during the treatment the patient does not feel any discomfort and the therapy is neither invasive nor painful.

  • What are the immediate effects of MLS® Laser Therapy on the patient?

    The immediate effects are pain reduction and the consequent improvement in patient’s quality of life.

  • Are there any controindications for MLS® Laser Therapy?

    Yes. The radiation must not be directed toward the eyes, which may be severely injured; MLS® Laser Therapy is contraindicated in the presence of neoplastic tissue or suspected neoplastic tissue; in immunocompromised patients and in patients with systemic infection and also in patients with active bleeding. It is not recommended the treatment of ischemic tissue and the treatment of patients with fungal infections. Apply with extreme caution in the areas above the bone growth plates and do not use over areas of laminectomy or hemilaminectomy.

  • When do you perform the maintenance sessions?

    The maintenance treatments may be carried out once or twice per month.

  • MLS® Laser Therapy can be used in conjunction with drug therapies?

    Yes, MLS® Laser Therapy can be used in conjunction with drug therapies.