Exotic Animals

MLS® Laser Therapy may be useful in treating exotic animals too, as they can easily suffer from stress and be affected by several conditions.
This type of treatment is suitable for these species as it is painless, well tolerated, easy to apply and has rapid treatment times.


  • Wound healing

    Skin wounds are a frequently encountered problem in everyday veterinary practice and the use of MLS® Laser Therapy, by virtue of its biostimulating effect, accelerates and promotes the healing process.

  • Oedema

    The use of Laser Therapy MLS® is important to promote the drainage of inflammatory oedema. The therapy makes it possible to modulate the local blood and lymphatic circulation, thus facilitating the reduction of the excess interstitial fluid.

  • Lesions/fractures of carapace and plastron in turtles

    MLS® Laser Therapy is used to facilitate the healing process of hard tissue injuries.

  • Abscesses

    MLS® Laser Therapy may be used to promote healing of abscesses because it favors the drainage of inflammatory oedema and reduces inflammation.

  • Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis is one of the main indications for the application of MLS® Laser Therapy: it helps to reduce inflammation and pain, thus allowing a significant quality of life improvement of the patient.

  • Bumblefoot (pododermatitis)

    The MLS® Laser Therapy is used as a support therapy in the treatment of pododermatitis because it reduces inflammation, oedema and pain, and it facilitates the healing of wounds.

  • Post surgical treatment

    The MLS® Laser Therapy is a valuable aid in the postoperative period since it reduces the swelling and pain resulting from surgery.