Equines and small animals: two Workshops in Germany

Friday, March 29, 2024

The workshops that took place in Frankfurt on 22nd and 23rd March were specifically held to illustrate the benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy for diseases in small animals and equines.

The Physia premises, ASAveterinary’s partner for Germany, hosted the specialists interested in obtaining additional information concerning the laser Therapeutic Solution to improve their daily practice.


“As Ilaria Terruzzi, DMV who held the meeting on behalf of ASAveterinary, explains “Participants were particularly interested in the clinical cases we presented and, in parallel, in the hands-on session during which the specialists tangibly tried out the MLS® technology”.  

Precisely the hands-on part was also appreciated by the vets specialised in the equine field and who took part in a second workshop held at the Tierärztliches Rehazentrum Helen Benz.


Thanks to the contribution of DMV Tatjana Falconi, peers were able to analyse the tangible benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy for effectively tackling common equine pathologies. 

M-VET Laser Training @ Francoforte
Veterinary MLS Laser Therapy Training @ Francoforte
M-VET laser training for horses @ Francoforte
MLS Laser Therapy Workshop for Equines @ Francoforte