Daya San, a horse with a bite wound on her neck

Species: horse
Gender: female
Age: 2 YO
Name: Daya San

Clinical case: Daya San was found with a wound on both sides of the neck-jugular area, probably caused by a bite. She was given antibiotics, anti-tetanus serum and anti-inflammatory drugs.
During her visit to the clinic, Daya San presented a subcutaneous emphysema on the neck and swelling in the chest, neck and face. Large amount of exudate with necrotic tissue. Trachea and jugular visible.

Therapy: The wound was protected by paraffin gauze dressings and medicated with calendula.
The prescribed treatment was oral antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory drug and an anti-oedema. The dressing was changed daily.
Treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy was started on the 5th day, and ended on the 24th when the horse returned home. Treatment with MLS® activated the biological functions of the skin enough to heal a wound of that size.

Results: The wound was almost completely closed after 89 days. Thanks to MLS®, no keloid developed during treatment, giving optimal cicatrisation.

Courtesy of Dr. Charlotte Degien, Haras de Cordemais - Cordemais, France

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