Franni, a Great Dane suffering from anal sacculitis

BREED: Great Dane
GENDER: sterilised female
AGE: 8 years and 4 months
NAME: Franni

Clinical case:
Franni, a female Great Dane of 56 kg, was taken to the clinic for an infection with a possible abscess of the perianal glands. The previous week Franni had experienced malodorous discharges. Noticing blood from these discharges, the owner had also begun a course of antibiotic therapy.

An infection in the right anal gland, with infected content and blood, was discovered during the clinical examination. There was no abscess nor neoplastic pathology.
The antibiotic therapy begun by the owner was kept on with a scheduled check in two weeks.

Situation at the first check:

  • Although Franni’s owner had continued the antibiotic therapy, at the check the pathology was still present and worsening. It was then followed by a bacterial culture.
  • During the subsequent days, following the results of the bacterial culture, a new antibiotic was added and a new check scheduled.

Situation at the second check:

  • After roughly 30 days from the first visit, Franni still had an inflamed and infected anal gland, despite the targeted and strengthened therapy. At this stage it was decided to combine the antibiotic therapy with MLS® Laser Therapy.
  • The therapy was carried out once a week for 4 weeks with the “Perianal fistula (infected)” protocol.


Program Perianal fistula (infected)
Applicator Handpiece
Joules/cm2 2.05
Joules 38.634
Lenght of treatment 0:47
Points 6
Phototype Black
Intensity 100%


The first results with MLS® Laser Therapy:


  • From the second MLS® Laser Therapy treatment, thanks to the improvements, the decision was taken to stop the antibiotic treatment.
  • After the laser therapy treatments, a gland check was carried out: the inflamed gland content had returned to normal and there was no more discharge.

After a month and then a year, Franni returned to the clinic for a check and the usual vaccinations. The perianal glands were perfectly normal.

Courtesy of Dr. Peggy King, Cottonwood Veterinary Service - Colorado, USA & ASAlaser distributor Cutting Edge Laser Technologies