Fury, a horse with keloid

BREED: Riding horse
GENDER: gelding
AGE: 18
NAME: Fury

Clinical case
Fury has a keloid on the front left leg on the inside of the pastern, as a consequence of a phlegmon.

In agreement with the vet in attendance, we decide to carry out a cycle of MLS® Laser Therapy in order to re-epithelise the keloid and to reduce the oedema above, in addition to localised pharmacological therapies.
The “Wound” protocol, points and scan, are used on the main lesion and the “Edema” scan protocol on the metacarpus and fetlock area.
9 sessions are carried out in total with a rapid progression of scarring and a reduction of the extent of the oedema located above the keloid.

Courtesy of Doctor Erica Forte, DVM, GPCert (Physio), Samarate (VA) - Italy