Geko, a Dwarf Spitz with issues following the fracture of ulna and radius

BREED: Dwarf Spitz
GENDER: male
AGE: 2 years
NAME: Geko

Clinical case
Due to complications to the left limb which was damaged in an accident, Geko underwent new surgery and MLS® Laser Therapy and hydrotherapy.
Subsequently, Geko was operated to reduce the ulna and radius fractures by means of an intramedullary nail, which was removed afterwards and substituted with cerclage. X-rays however showed no bony head joining, with diaphyseal atrophy, a poor positioning of the ulna and radius and bony resorption.
Geko underwent further surgery, with the insertion of a LCP plate, and a spongious bone implant – in the proximal humerus – and the positioning of a “collagen sponge” and BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein).

Geko underwent hydrotherapy and MLS® Laser Therapy with a “post-surgery” points and scan program for 8 times, twice during the first two weeks and once a week for the remainder.

Courtesy of Dr. Roberta Burdisso, Physiotherapy Service Director CHV Fregis - Paris, France