Ilga, a dog with injuries from being run over

BREED: Griffon Brabancon
GENDER: female
NAME: Ilga

Clinical case
After a road accident, Ilga suffered a bilateral hip dislocation, the fracture of the left pubis and ischium, disjunction of the sacroiliac and a dislocation of the left rotula.
Ilga then underwent osteotomy of the heads of the femur and surgery to reduce the dislocation of the rotula.

Ilga underwent post-intervention physiotherapy. The cycles included hydrotherapy and MLS® Laser Therapy.

The “Inflammation (acute)” points programme was used after surgery for the osteotomy of the heads of the femur, three times during the first week. Two applications with the “Inflammation (chronic)” programme were carried out during the second week.
Ilga’s hospitalisation lasted three weeks.

The “Inflammation (chronic)” programme was carried out on the rotula three times during the first week and two during the second.
The “Fracture” programme was employed on the pelvis once a day for the first week and every other day for the second one.

Courtesy of Doctor Roberta Burdisso, Physiotherapy Service Director, CHV Fregis - Paris, France