Junior, a Quarter Horse with wound dehiscence

BREED: Quarter Horse
AGE: 9 years
NAME: Junior

Clinical case
Previously underwent surgery to remove a parasitic infection granuloma located in the left ventrolateral region of the abdomen.
Dehiscence of the suture 6 days after the operation with a wound of approximately 15 cm diameter.

Therapeutic protocol
MLS® Laser Therapy: 12 treatments, 2/3 days apart;
Wound” points program (20 points inside the wound); 
Oedema” program on the edges of the wound;
No other concurrent therapy was administered.

Due to owner problems, we were not able to continue the laser therapy sessions, but the protocol that was implemented increased the speed of the repair process in any case.
After the twelfth session with MLS® Laser Therapy, the wound was treated with local dressings, applying salicylic acid in powder after postoperative wound-freshening with sterile dressing.
Full recovery took place in two months.

Courtesy of Doctor Ludovica Leoni, DVM, Ravenna (Italy)