King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with a lesion to the sciatic nerve

BREED: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
GENDER: female
AGE: 18 months
NAME : Liloo


Clinical case:

Liloo is sterilised at the age of 6 months. Everything seems fine, but there is a proprioception deficiency to the rear left leg. Eight months after surgery, Liloo still has marked proprioceptive deficiencies and serious problems walking. Unfortunately, because of this she undergoes neck and head femoral osteotomy. After surgery, the leg no longer provides support.


Liloo underwent MLS® Laser Therapy: directly on the surgical wound with the "Post-surgery" program in order to reduce pain and inflammation, on the femoral quadriceps with the "Muscle contracture" program in order to eliminate the contraction and along the sciatic nerve path with the "Chronic inflammation" program.


After MLS® Laser Therapy, Liloo began to walk properly. The proprioceptive deficiencies disappeared and she is currently undergoing a rehabilitation program in order to increase muscle tone on the operated leg.

Courtesy of Doctor Roberta Burdisso, physiotherapy manager CHV, Fregis, Paris