Mi Mi, cat with acute gingivo-stomatitis and tongue ulcer

BREED: DSH (Domestic short-haired)
SEX: male
AGE: 5-6 months

Clinical case
Mi Mi presented a calicivirus and herpes virus infection with mucopurulent nasal discharge and sneezing. Halitosis, gingivostomatitis, tongue ulcer and faucitis were also observed.
Mi Mi had no appetite and appeared generally depressed.
A blood sample was taken to perform exams and test for FIV/FeLV was negative.

Mi Mi received a multiple approach of treatment with: mucolytic, supplements, antibiotics, antiviral agent, saline solution and mouth washes.

Additionally, Mi Mi received 4 MLS® Laser Therapy sessions in 16 days using the intraoral applicator and the following parameter:
Day 0: «Gingivitis-Stomatitis (acute)» on 10 points and «Tongue ulcer» on 2 points
Day 2:  «Gingivitis-Stomatitis (chronic)» protocol, on 10 points and «Tongue ulcer» on 1 point
Day 9: «Gingivitis-Stomatitis (chronic)» on 8 points and «Tongue ulcer» on 1 point.
Day 16: «Gingivitis-Stomatitis (chronic)» on 8 points

Since the first treatment, Mi Mi conditions started to improve and a progressive decrease of the mucosal tissue inflammation was observed up to resolution of the gingivostomatitis.

The tongue of Mi Mi healed after the third treatment and the ulcer disappeared.

The symptom of Gingivitis and Stomatitis are often caused by viral infection. The treatment and prevention were also based on the stimulation of the immune system of Mi Mi with the use of lysine and recombinant interferon omega during the treatment period.
In cases such as this, we recommend programming cycles of maintenance laser therapy cadenced over time, together with immunostimulant drugs if needed.
Use of the intraoral applicator is recommended only for calm cats.

Courtesy of Waritwong Likitchaikul, DVM, Jusco Ratchada Animal Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand