Mirtillo, a cat with an extensive wound

BREED: European
GENDER: male
NAME: Mirtillo
Clinical case

Mirtillo was found wandering the streets. He had a severe lesion to the back of his body, the tissues were necrotic and the smell which came from the wound was nauseating. 
Given his conditions he was brought to the clinic. Once placed under anaesthesia, a curettage of the lesion was performed and a pain-relieving and antibiotic therapy was administered. The MLS® Laser Therapy was started immediately after.

Mirtillo immediately began to eat voraciously, but the next morning it was noticed that the faeces came out from the rectum (which was clearly visible), 3-4 cm before the anal sphincter. 
The lesion of the rectum wall was sutured in the clinic, but after a few days the faeces began to come back out again through the suture.
Meanwhile, Mirtillo was kept in the Clinic, where he was being sedated once a day to thoroughly wash his wounds which were dirtied by the faeces.
MLS® Laser Therapy was performed in the morning and in the evening, using the "Wound (infected)" program. Then, an antibacterial ointment was applied.

Dr Borgarello decided to suture a test tube to keep the final portion of the rectum extended in order to prevent the passage of the stools from stretching the suture, and to bring the edges of the wounds closer together.
The test tube seen in the images was removed twenty days later.
The MLS® Laser Therapy was continued, as was the application of the antibacterial ointment.
Mirtillo was discharged the same evening.


Mirtillo is now fine; he eats, jumps, runs and is a lively and affectionate cat. 
His anus has remained slightly deviated to the left, but he manages to defecate without problems.

Courtesy of Dr Claudia Gaviglio and Dr Bartolomeo Borgarello, Clinica Borgarello - Moncalieri (Turin), Italy