Romeo, a European shorthair cat with a fistulated abscess

BREED: European shorthair
GENDER: male
AGE: 4 years
NAME: Romeo

Clinical case
The cat was brought in for a visit on 06/07/2019 due to the presence of a fistulated abscess on the left cheek (suspected cat bite or scratch) with a considerable loss of tissue (vast area of necrotic tissue, approx. 6x5 cm) and presence of purulent-haemorrhagic-serum exudate.

Standard and biochemical blood tests were carried out which were normal and the FIV/FeLV test was negative.

After shaving and surgically cleaning the area, removing the necrotic tissue and deterging the exudate with Betadine saline solution at 0.9% (1:10 dilution), an antibiotic therapy was set for 3 weeks and an anti-inflammatory one for 3 days. Due to Romeo’s lively nature, it was not possible to bandage the wound or put an Elizabethan collar.
Before every MLS® Laser Therapy session, the main scabs were removed and the area was disinfected and cleaned with chlorhexidine. 

9 MLS® Laser Therapy treatments, scan and points, were carried out.
The points were applied to the skin at the edge of the wound, the scan over the affected area at a distance of approx. 1 cm. 

The “Wound (infected)” program was used three times at the beginning of the therapy.
Subsequently, the “Wound” program was applied, adapting the number of points and the scan area to the reduction in size of the wound.
Towards the end of the therapy, treatment was carried out by points on the lesion.

Romeo improved progressively, with a constant and gradual reduction of the wound size and an improvement in the general health picture. 

Courtesy of Doctor Irene Zanco, Centro Veterinario Montecchio - Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy