Shirley, an Asian elephant with compression wounds

SPECIES: Asian Elephant
GENDER: female
AGE: 67 YO
NAME: Shirley

Clinical Case
Shirley has compression wounds on body parts close to bony protuberances, where the muscle structure is reduced. These areas are the facial crest and the tip of the shoulder and hip.

Shirley is closely monitored and examined by a vet at least twice a week.
The day of the first MLS® Laser Therapy session Shirley had a lesion of roughly 6cm x 4cm.
The wound was superficial and localised on the tip of the left hip, it oozed serum and was very sensitive to manipulation.

Therapeutic plan
The wound is accurately cleaned twice a day and antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are applied.
MLS® Laser Therapy treatments were then carried out.

Program Wound (infected)
Applicator used Multidiode
Emission mode CPW
Treatment mode Points
Points 1
Energy dose 1,05 J/cm2
Total Joules 21,096
Treatment duration 6 seconds
Intensity 100%
Treated area Tip of the left hip
Treatment time 6 treatments, 2 per week


After 6 sessions with MLS® Laser Therapy, the wound is completely closed by healthy granulation tissue and the other treatments were ended.
Shirley had already had a previous compression wound at the same point and at the same time of the year. Four months of treatments were necessary for recovery.
This time, the wound was treated by associating MLS® Laser Therapy with a «wound (infected)» protocol to the other treatments, thereby halving the recovery time to two months.

A few considerations..
During the initial treatment, Shirley was very worried by the laser and particularly by the fact that the staff wore “strange” glasses.
From the second treatment onwards, however, she was completely relaxed and calm even when the wound was treated.
This leads us to think that Shirley was immediately able to appreciate the increased well-being that the therapy involves.

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