Skin lesion on a fancy hairless rat

MLS® Laser Therapy for skin lesion

Species: fancy hairless rat
Gender: Male
Age: 1 ½ YO
Name: Jerry

Case report: This fancy hairless rat has been presented at first visit showing a crusty and ulcerated skin lesion on the neck. The lesion was one week old, progressively worsening.

Therapy: Antibiotic therapy has been administered (Baytril) and an MLS® Laser Therapy treatment cycle started. MLS® Laser Therapy has been applied every other day using the pre-set program “Infected wound” for 4 sessions, then switching to the pre-set program “Wound” starting from the 5th session, for a total number of 10 applications. Mphi Vet device has been applied using the “point to point” modality and the lesion has been treated applying the handpiece on two points, for a total treatment time of 12 seconds per session.

Along treatment the lesion quickly and progressively improved, and was looking almost completely healed at the end of the cycle.