The multitasking veterinarian: Silvia Meggiolaro

Clear, effective and always with the right answer to dispel doubts or to give practical suggestions: a graduate in Veterinary Medicine, with a solid experience in the orthopaedic and physiotherapy fields, a certificate as a veterinary osteopath and a wealth of highly respectable international training experiences - she completed her studies at the University of Tennessee, NC State University and the ARWI pet rehabilitation centre in North Carolina, ed. – Silvia is a protagonist of the ASAveterinary team.

At the third edition of the “MLS® Laser Therapy Course in Veterinary Medicine", organised by ASAveterinary at its headquarters, she arrives escorted by Rock, her Lagorai sheepdog who goes from playmate to partner for the practical session of the training day: Silvia Meggiolaro, DMV, PhD CCRP and ASAveterinary Specialist is the teacher everyone would like to meet.

Her role is central since she not only deals with in-person training, online on-demand courses and webinars, but, as a Vet Specialist, she also supervises the many clinical cases that are sent to the company to be published on our communication channels.
But that's not all. Silvia is also the contact person for the Advice Room service, a one-to-one video call that allows a direct discussion between peers on theoretical principles, practical experiences, clinical cases and protocols for using MLS® Laser Therapy. A therapy which, for Meggiolaro, represented love at first sight, when she had the opportunity to delve in and, having understood the benefits, to then make it a good daily practice.

A "love" for MLS® Laser Therapy that has matured over the years and is the result of a series of added values that you have been able to verify case after case, patient after patient, in your activity in the field.  Why do you consider it a valid aid?
For various reasons, all of them objective. First of all, it has no contraindications or side effects, which implies maximum safety for our patients who on average tolerate it without problems. In fact, in some cases, during the treatment they relax to the point of falling asleep. Painless and effective: an unparalleled combination, also for the owners.

How important is the variety of contexts in which it can be used?
It matters a lot: MLS® Laser Therapy has a wide spectrum of applications as it can be used to treat various disorders ranging, for example, from acute and chronic inflammation to pain problems in the joints and spine up to oedema, wounds and all the most frequently encountered problems in the orthopaedic and neurological fields. But that's not all. MLS® offers effective results for all the patients who cannot be treated using drugs. Drugs which can in any case be significantly reduced even in animals that tolerate them, precisely by resorting to this therapy.

What about disorders for which targeted medicines are not yet available?
There are problems for which, as ad-hoc drugs are not yet available, we usually resort to anti-inflammatories which, however, are not decisive. MLS® Laser Therapy is the chosen solution for these cases, which include, for example, strains, tendon and muscle injuries. Let's also not forget that it is a panacea for chronic diseases, in which animals, sometimes paying the price of drug addiction, are no longer responsive to the treatment.


A series of pluses that are closely linked with the correct use of the devices for its application. How important is training to acquire the essential knowledge to increase the achievable results?
It is certainly the premise from which to begin in order to structure the intervention plan. Knowing not only the basics but also having some targeted indications from clinical cases is an important added value for acting effectively. Although it has existed for a long time, laser therapy is in fact still little known among professionals, also because it is not explored or discussed in universities. Yet it represents a valuable support to traditional medicine, as it is able to assist this when treating numerous disorders. I believe colleagues who include it among their therapies could confirm this.

By providing training and by coming into contact with many veterinarians who use MLS®, what feedback do you receive?
They are unquestionably satisfied with the therapy and enthusiastic about the devices - especially M-VET, the most recent MLS® family member - as they are intuitive, simple to use, convenient to carry, effective, but above all a real aid, because they allow us to treat even complex disorders, obtaining tangible results.

Are the complex cases the ones you deal with during the meetings that can be booked in the Advice Room?
Yes, it can happen that I am asked for an opinion on how to intervene in some specific cases using laser therapy based on my experience, after all the Advice Room was created precisely to allow discussion between colleagues and to obtain detailed indications before purchasing one of the MLS® Laser Therapy devices.  

It would be useful to have Rock's point of view too…
The serenity with which she allows herself to be treated, I think speaks for itself!

Silvia Meggiolaro @ ASAveterinary Training
Silvia Meggiolaro DVM - Veterinary MLS Laser treatment
Silvia Meggiolaro DVM & Rock