Talking with the Vet: “MLS®? versatile and useful therapy for rehab”

Dr. Elena Tognato and Dr. Silvia Meggiolaro of the Thermal Physiopet Vet Clinic of Abano Terme (Padua), have been using MLS® Laser Therapy for three years adding to their staff the Mphi Vet device.

Taking care of and following up on the rehabilitation of small animals is part of their everyday life. Adopting therapies that can facilitate the recovery of their patients is therefore one of their priorities. For this reason too Dr. Elena Tognato and Dr. Silvia Meggiolaro of the Vet Clinic Thermal Physiopet of Abano Terme (Padua), have been using MLS® Laser Therapy for three years and have added to their staff even the Mphi Vet device.

Name and surname: Elena Tognato - Silvia Meggiolaro
City: Montegrotto Terme (Padua)
They work with: Companion animals

Q. For which reasons did you adopt MLS® Laser Therapy?
A. MLS® Laser Therapy, besides being very versatile, being able to be used in the treatment of many disorders, is very useful also in rehabilitation. In fact, it can treat acute and chronic inflammation, joints and column disorders and oedemas. MLS® allows to speed up the wound healing process and the recovery from several orthopedic and neurological problems. Another important added value that has tipped the scales in its adoption has also been the low risk of side effects.

Q. Summarizing: which are the three best adjectives that describe MLS®?
A.Practical, easy to use and effective.

Q. Talking about efficiency: considering your daily experience, do you remember some clinical cases in which the use of MLS® has been an important support?
A. Among the various cases, the one about Pluto, a 10 yo Labrador with severe osteoarthritis of the hips result of a bilateral dysplasia, comes to mind,. For many years, Pluto overloaded his front legs to compensate for the existing problem at his hind limbs, so he has developed pain in the front limbs muscles and in the column in addition to the initial problem at the legs. We have proposed to its owner to treat him with MLS® Laser Therapy:  three sessions in the first week, two sessions in the second week and then one treatment per week. The 12 treatments have been associated with a redefinition of his habits thanks to an ad hoc protocol: exercises, walks, massages and warm-up. Also supplements and natural therapies have been introduced for pain and inflammation management. The owners noticed that after only two sessions Pluto increased its desire to move and to play starting to trot during the walks! His facial expression is much more relaxed now! We continue to see him once a month as maintenance.

Q. It’s a comforting result for Pluto but also for his owners..
A. There is also a second case that best expresses the effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy. We are referring  to Spider, a young border collie performing agility competitions. The ownershave noticed a slight hind limb lameness to  after the jumps. He had, in fact, developed a tendinitis of the biceps brachii tendon. With a proper rest, some sessions of laser therapy combined with ultrasound therapy, for a total of ten sessions in two months, Spider is now back to his favorite hobby.

Q. These are important results for the pet and, consequently, for his owner. When you propose to them MLS® Laser Therapy what are their reactions?
A. When we treat our patients with MLS®, some of them relax to the point of falling asleep! The owners, verifying that the treatment is painless and effective, are satisfied. Especially because they see their pet recover a better quality of life.

Q. From the therapy to the device: what are your personal considerations about Mphi Vet?
A. The device is easy to use and provides preset protocols, useful and easy to understand. In our daily practice, we use mainly those dedicated to acute inflammation, chronic inflammation and trigger point.

Q. Technology to the service of pets...
A. …and of aesthetics too. The treatment, in fact, doesn’t require the shearing of the fur (or if needed, it is reduced to a minumum). Many owners do not want their animal to be "undressed"...

Q. Do you have something to report to improve the therapy or the device?
A. Goggles for animals would be a further plus. Also a cordless handpiece could be interesting...

Dr. Silvia Meggiolaro | Thermal Physiopet
Dr. Elena Tognato | Thermal Physiopet