Austria: workshop dedicated to MLS® Laser Therapy

Friday, December 22, 2023

The workshop dedicated to MLS® Laser Therapy, held by DMV Ilaria Terruzzi, was hosted by the Viennese VetKlinikum, where 17 resident veterinarians have been using the M-VET device for some time.

Aimed at loyal customers and possible new representatives specialised in small animals, the course “MLS® Laser Therapy: all its benefits and indications in the veterinary practice” highlighted the principles on which the Therapeutic Solution is based, the scientific studies confirming its efficacy and several successful clinical cases resulting from daily veterinary practice. 

Three objectives were achieved during the training day

  • professionals new to laser therapy were able to become familiar with its mechanisms and test it independently in contexts such as dermatology, orthopaedics and neurology; 
  • the users’ knowledge was increased and any doubts they may have had were clarified, making it easier to achieve valuable clinical results; 
  • the M-VET and PMT Qs Vet devices were presented. 

The theoretical session was followed by a practical part which allowed the participants to verify the application methods of MLS® on some real cases affected by neurological and post-surgical pathologies.

“We are very satisfied with the results obtained from this first veterinary workshop organised in collaboration with Physia in Vienna. The specialists’ interest was tangible - clarifies Roberto Terruzzi, ASAveterinary Senior Area Manager – as was their willingness to be involved. We are sure that their colleagues in Frankfurt, the city where we will be for another training session in March, will also show the same interest”. 

Workshop MLS Laser Therapy - VetKlinikum, Vienna
Workshop MLS Laser Therapy - VetKlinikum, Vienna
Hans-on session with vet MLS laser - VetKlinikum, Vienna
VetKlinikum, Vienna