Colombia: Benefits of MLS® in pet issues

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A selection of clinical cases in which MLS® Laser Therapy enabled treating small animal pathologies successfully was the focus of the “Curso Teorico-practico de fisiatria en pequenos animales” (“Theoretical-Practical Course of Physiatrics in small animals”) which took place in Cali, Colombia (17/20 October).

The course was organised by the Cali Centre of veterinary physiotherapy with the support of Vision Veterinaria de Colombia (ASA’s local partner) and allowed the 30 attending specialists to focus on MLS®, thanks also to the hands-on experience of two international speakers, particularly expert in pet animal rehabilitation and long-time users of Laser Therapy: Prof. Esp. Ricardo Lopes and Prof. Esp. Miriam Caramico. 

“Among the topics discussed during the course – explains Karla Salazar, ASA’s Export Area Manager ASA – MLS® had a leading role thanks to the range of case histories proposed by Prof. Lopes who analysed the benefits for the patient based on his direct experience”. 

The theoretical session was also followed by a practical session during which participants were able to verify the simplicity of applying MLS® and of using the Mphi Vet device.

Theoretical-Practical Course of Physiatrics in small animals - Cali, Colombia
MLS Laser Therapy Training - Cali, Colombia
MLS Laser Therapy Training with Mphi Vet - Cali, Colombia