Ecuador in the foreground: ASA devices at two congresses

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Two veterinary events of national importance - “Locos por los gatos” (Centro de Convenciones de Guayaquil – 27/29 September) and AMVEPE Medicina Felina (Centro de Exposiciones Metropolitano de Quito – 11/13 October, Quito) – became the stage to present MLS® Laser Therapy and the leading devices for its application, first of all the M-VET laser.  

Among the veterinarians who attended the two meetings – about 800 in Guayaquil and more than 900 in Quito – many were those who, in addition to viewing the ASA solutions presented by the local partner Intermedica, which had its own exhibition space at both meetings, took part in the workshops also focused on the uses and benefits of MLS®.

“Much appreciated – they explain from Intermedica – was, during “Locos por los gatos”, the theoretical in-depth analysis of Dr. Darryl Millis who, in addition to emphasising the treatment of pathologies such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, also showed some clinical cases in which the use of MLS® Laser Therapy has proven to be effective”.


It was precisely the effectiveness of the therapy, together with the ease of use of the machinery for its application, that also caught the attention of the professionals in the sector who were at the Quito Conference. The multiple requests for information and specifications concerning MLS® confirm the growing interest of the Ecuadorian veterinary world in laser therapy.

“In Ecuador, ASA devices are already well known, so much so that the veterinarians who took part in the two conferences wanted targeted information on the company's therapeutic solutions. The local market is very receptive and offers real possibilities to explore new segments such as, for example, the equine one”, they conclude from Intermedica.

Feline Congress Guayaquil - Intermedica Ecuador
Dr Millis and Dra Maria Jose Barrera - Locos por los gatos, Ecuador
Intermedica Ecuador Team and Dr Millis y Dra Maria Jose Barrera - Locos por los gatos, Ecuador