Latin America spotlights MLS® Laser Therapy

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico: this is the map of the countries where ASAveterinary’s in-person training has landed over the past weeks. Veterinary Congresses and ad-hoc training where MLS® Laser Therapy catalysed the attention of industry professionals, involved in in-depth sessions organised thanks to the collaboration of our local distributors. 



The first leg of the Latin American training itinerary was Pereira, where the 2022 edition of the “Congreso Veterinario de Colombia” was held, one of the most important appointments for the country’s veterinary sector (1,500 participants including vets, university students and postgraduates). During the event, at the stand of our distributor Vision Veterinaria, the new M-VET device was officially presented and specific meetings were organised to analyse in-depth the benefits of MLS® technology and some clinical cases illustrated by local vets.
The discussion between the participants was chaired by Doctor Deborah Sades (ASAveterinary Field Application Specialist), who commented:

“We received excellent feedback from the participants who were particularly interested in the clinical cases presented, a valid occasion to dispel practical doubts and to favour dialogue”.

That the use of laser therapy, particularly in the dermatological field for small animals, generates the interest of veterinary professionals, is also confirmed by Karla Salazar, ASA Area Manager:

“In Columbia, the knowledge of laser therapy and of our technology increases and improves year after year, thanks to the many online courses offered by the Mexican Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy (AMFISOVET) which we support. This was clearly perceived during the Congress, when our Specialist was asked many questions by those who visited the Vision Veterinaria exhibition space”. 

Costa Rica


Doctor Sades also answered many questions during the two courses “Laserterapia MLS® en la Clinica Veterinaria” held in Costa Rica in partnership with SIRE Vet. In addition to our loyal customers, around 20 veterinary doctors and technicians took part and were able to receive detailed indications about the therapy starting from some tangible cases.

“Both training courses – Salazar points out – dealt with several clinical cases in a very direct and practical manner, both with Mphi Vet Orange and with the new arrival M-VET, dwelling on the substantial differences in relation to other therapies available on the territory”.

Doctor Sades also highlights the positive feedback collected during the two meetings:

“The first course was an exclusive full-immersion experience for four doctors. The restricted number of participants allowed us to deal with them in a highly personalised manner: we shared experiences from daily practice and tackled several real clinical cases, as they were allowed to bring some patients. We then formulated the diagnosis together and defined the therapeutic path to be followed, inserting MLS® Laser Therapy and openly discussing protocols, areas and frequency of the treatment”.

The doubts and questions born from the practical experience of the individual user then punctuated the second session which was able to rely on the active participation of those attending. 



The Latin America training circuit ended in Guanajuato (Mexico) where ASA, together with Equipos Interferenciales, presented MLS® Laser Therapy and Qs Vet Magnetotherapy with the M-VET, Mphi Vet Orange Equine and PMT Qs Vet devices during the “Congreso Veterinario de León” (CVDL) 2022 (23,000 veterinary doctors and specialists from Central and South America attended). 

“The 2022 edition – Salazar concludes – marks the fourth time we have attended this Congress and every year we have noticed an increasing awareness towards laser technology and its potential. It is no coincidence in fact that there were really a great many participants at the workshop organised by the Mexican Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy, sponsored by our partner Equipos Interferenciales, with Doctor Monica Chamatropulos and Doctor Sades as speakers: the two doctors discussed several clinical cases and highlighted the distinguishing features of our devices for the best therapeutic results”. 

Results that were also underlined by Doctor Darryl Millis, who uses the ASA devices in the United States and was the speaker at several conferences implemented by AMFISOVET during the Congress.

CDVC 2022 MLS® Laser Therapy Workshop
CDVC 2022 Team
MLS® Laser Therapy Workshop  - Costa Rica
MLS® Laser Therapy with M-VET Workshop  - Costa Rica
CVDL 2022 - Messico
CVDL 2022 - MLS® Laser Therapy Workshop