MLS® treats the burns of Australian koalas

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MLS® Laser Therapy provided support to the Australian Aussie Mobile Vet staff engaged in trying to save the animals involved in the fires which have destroyed more than 1.5 million acres and killed approximately 1 billion animals.
“We used MLS® - explains Doctor Alison Shen from the Aussie Mobile Vet equipped with the laser therapy – to treat superficial and partial-thickness burns particularly for Koalas and Macropodidae. By using the “infected wound protocol” or the “bacterial skin infection” protocol, we obtained exceptional results”. 
The Vet specialists in the front line of the Australian emergency also used MLS® Laser Therapy in order to tackle the issues of a kangaroo with inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues.
“In this case too, results were considerable, contributing to the animal’s recovery”.

MLS laser therapy for kangaroos with wounds
Fire devastation in Australia
MLS laser therapy for contaminated wounds
MLS laser therapy with Mphi Vet for kangaroo