MLS® in the treatment of post traumatic complications of a Spitz

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

In order to treat multiple fractures of the left metacarpus occurred in a road accident, and the subsequent post-operative complications, a Spitz dog underwent a rehabilitation program divided into 5 phases, functional to ensure its recovery.

The study “Post traumatic complications in the distal limb of a Spitz dog. Assessment and results of a physiatry protocol” (M. Lopedote, J. Bolzoni, S. Valentini, G. Spinella) evaluated the results on the animal of the application of a physiotherapy-rehabilitation protocol divided into sessions of MLS® Laser Therapy, physical therapy sessions which included massage, swimming, under water treadmill and exercises to be done at home.

MLS® Laser Therapy was applied immediately in the early stages of the protocol:

  • to resolve the contractures of the shoulder and elbow
  • as an analgesic and scar-healing therapy.

The laser therapy was subsequently interrupted following the VAS assessment certifying the absence of pain.

After 5 months, at the end of the two-three-week cycles of sessions, the Spitz resumed its normal step and dogtrot walk showing a slight lameness only at more sustained gaits.
Compared with the first session, the muscle circumference of the affected limb had also significantly increased.

Left forelimb Radiography performed after the trauma
Appearance of the lesion 30 days after the first intervention
Spitz dog, spayed female, 3 years old