Monterrey Veterinary Congress: focus on rehabilitation with M-VET and Qs Vet Magnetotherapy

Monday, July 25, 2022

A focus on rehabilitation for our animal friends during the “Monterrey Veterinary Congress – Cvmty 2022” (8/9 July) where M-VET and Qs Vet Magnetotherapy had the leading role in a workshop organised and held by Amfisiovet (Mexican Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy), with the collaboration of Equipos Interferenciales, ASA’s local partner..

The educational meeting enabled the students (as many as 26) and the doctors (not just local ones) who took part to analyse the benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy for treating common issues in pets. Led by, among others, veterinarians Debora Sades and Yatzyry Linares, already speakers in several webinars for LATAM, participants tackled a theoretical session and a practical one, in order to verify – amongst other things – the ease of use of the ASAveterinary devices.

The in-person training was also preceded by the webinar “Fisioterapia Veterinaria - Mejorando la calidad de vida de pacientes” (28th June) still held by Doctor Sades which paved the way to the Congress.

“The comments when the workshop ended – Karla Salazar, ASA Area Manager, explains – were very positive, so much so that a new meeting on the same subject has been requested for next year, to which a space will be added where what has been explained in theory will be demonstrated in daily practice”. 

Speech AMFISIOVET Laserterapia MLS - Congreso de Moterrey 2022
Practical training with M-VET and Dra Sades - Congreso de Moterrey 2022
Qs Vet Magnetotherapy Training with Dra Linares - Congreso de Moterrey 2022
Practical test with the M-VET laser device - Congreso de Moterrey 2022