Research: MLS® Laser Acupuncture in behavioural problems in dogs

Monday, April 27, 2020

Research and studies dedicated to the effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy and of MLS® Laser Acupuncture in order to scientifically verify their value for treating specific pathologies continue.

For example, one of the latest studies published in the currently available issue of Energy For Health highlights the analysis “Laser Acupuncture in behavior problems of dog” which aims to assess the effects of laser acupuncture in dogs with behavioural issues.

The research conducted by Doctor P. Ruffoni and by Doctor R. Pozzi, both expert DMV in veterinary acupuncture, specifically focuses on obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, anxiety and aggression.
For the patients undergoing the assessment, some treatment points were common, other were specifically chosen instead based on the individual pathology which the animal was affected by. 

The result obtained using MLS® Laser Acupuncture applied with Mphi Vet Orange was evident: an improvement or disappearance of the clinical symptoms was noted in 9 patients out of 10.

The research paper therefore ended with the following assessment: “Laser Acupuncture is a valid therapeutic instrument for treating behavioural problems in dogs thanks to its speed of implementation and to the total absence of nociceptive stimuli”.

Laser Acupuncture in behavior problems of dog - Energy for Health 20
Laser Acupuncture in behavior problems of dog - Energy for Health 20