Specific applications of MLS® Laser Therapy among the focuses of the Unifyz Congress

Monday, September 12, 2022

A targeted speech on MLS® Laser Therapy in the veterinary field - “MLS® Laser Therapy: The new frontier of laser therapy in the treatment of the most common animal diseases” - and an in-depth analysis of its effectiveness in the world of acupuncture – “Laserpuncture and veterinary physiotherapy” – marked the agenda of the first edition of the Kongres Veterinàrnì Fyzioterapie Unifyz in Chocerady, Czech Republic.

Among the only three international speakers scheduled by the organisation, the two speeches were given by Giacomo Granozio (Biomedical Engineer and ASA Area Manager) and Doctor Francesca Rosso (SIAV Acupuncturist and Equiter® practitioner operator).

“During my speech – Granozio explains – after an overview of the state of the art of employing laser therapy in the veterinary field, I focused on MLS® Laser Therapy, highlighting its specific technical nature and its unique features. I then presented the scientific research explaining its biological effects, to then focus on its therapeutic indications, supported by several clinical cases.Finally, a specific focus concerned neurological problems and the effects on nerves”. 

There was great interest by participants, so much so that the promoters organised an unscheduled moment: a practical session applying MLS®on a dog. 

The interaction with the veterinary professionals was also stimulated by Doctor Rosso’s speech: after an overview on the basic concepts of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine and in the western approach, she demonstrated the acupuncture points mainly used in her daily practice.

“Her speech once again gave space to MLS®, thanks to a series of clinical cases where laser therapy was very effective when applied on previously identified acupuncture points; these included: dysplasia, joint issues, intervertebral disc problems, and vestibular syndrome”.

The first edition of the new-born Czech Republic Veterinary Association Congress, president Doctor Sabina Blahutova and vice-president vet physiotherapist Kateřina Plačková, closes positively.

“Our attendance at this event, the result of the collaboration with our local partner DM Medical, represented a useful occasion to establish new relationships and to open new paths for our therapy”, concludes Granozio.

Kongres Veterinàrnì Fyzioterapie Unifyz 2022
Laserpuncture and veterinary physiotherapy - Francesca Rosso DVM
Practical session of MLS Laser Therapy with M-VET
MLS® Laser Therapy: The new frontier of laser therapy in the treatment of the most common animal diseases - Dr Giacomo Granozio
Kongres Veterinàrnì Fyzioterapie Unifyz 2022