University of Bologna: MLS® takes the chair

Thursday, November 24, 2022

MLS® Laser Therapy arrives at the University of Bologna as technical sponsor of the II level Master in "Dog Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation", which proposes to train Veterinary Doctors to a solid expertise in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy, with particular attention to the working dog and the athlete dog.


The ASA staff, with Alberto Zaghetto and Matteo Laganà, after having presented to the participating Veterinarians - some of whom are already MLS® users – the basic concepts of laser therapy and the specific features of the M-VET device, focused on a practical part, where they were able to treat three real patients including a dog with right hip pain.

“In the hands-on section we joined Dr Lili Asnal, DVM CCRP, concretely showing the treatment methods of M-VET, the safety of the therapy and its benefits. This practical part received extremely positive feedback from those present who interacted with queries and requests in order to fully understand” commented Zaghetto and Laganà.

Strengthened by the positive results collected during the lesson held on 11 November, ASA has again confirmed its role as sponsor for the 2022/23 Master.

Master Sports Medicine and Dog Rehabilitation - M-VET laser application
Master Sports Medicine and Dog Rehabilitation - Laser treatment with M-VET