WEVA: focus on MLS® for equines

Monday, October 7, 2019

That MLS® Laser Therapy is a valid therapy for also treating common issues in equines is confirmed by the many successful cases and by the direct experience of the vets who visited ASA’s stand at the 16th WEVA World Congress.

Organised by SIVE (Italian Veterinary Society for Equines), the meeting (3/5 October – Veronafiere Congress Centre, Verona) was attended by about 500 professionals from all over the world and focused precisely on the most effective therapeutic solutions to treat issues such as, among others, bursitis, tendinitis and sprains.

“These pathologies – Diego Tono, ASAveterinary’s Area Manager explains – are only some of those that MLS® treats effectively. This is also confirmed by Doctor Tatjana Falconi, a veterinary doctor specialised in horses and holder of a diploma in veterinary acupuncture, who was present at our stand during the Congress. Those who visited us were also able to verify the simplicity of use and the completeness of our Mphi Equine Orange device. Finally, the feedback we received from long-time users of MLS® was extremely positive”.

ASAveterinary at WEVA SIVE 2019 Congress
Dr. Falconi and ASAveterinary at WEVA 2019
Mphi Equine Orange laser device at WEVA 2019