McKinney Courier Gazette: Laser Therapy against dogs problems to the hind legs

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dr. Ed Mapes of Stonebridge Animal Hospital in Virginia every day meets patients who, due to arthritis or for problems of nervous transmission, have a motor deficit which involves in particular the hind limbs and drastically reduces their quality of life. The limitation of physical activity causes atrophy of their hind legs, with a progressive worsening of the animal state. If, in the past, conditions like these left little hope of improvement and euthanasia could be the unique possibility, today the veterinary medicine has made great strides. On the online newspaper McKinney Courier Gazette, Dr. Mapes, MLS® therapy user since long time, says that thanks to Laser Therapy is possible in many cases not only control pain but also reduce the motor deficit, as evidenced by the "case report" described in the article.