Wounded sea turtles treated with MLS® Laser Therapy

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Matteo, Platone II°, Gigetto and Trudy, four wounded sea turtles, have been treated with MLS®  Laser Therapy at the Modena Sud Veterinary Clinic in Spilamberto by Dr Giordano Nardini, one of the most renowned European vets for treating exotic animals. At the microphones of the web portal gazzettadimodena.it, the expert recounts how the healing process of the wounded tissues of the turtles is much quicker thanks to the use of our therapeutic solution, thereby allowing them to return to the water after fifteen days, a month at the most.

Dr Giordano Nardini with Mphi Vet Orange laser device
MLS Laser Therapy treatment for sea turtle