Donna Karan, a Dutch horse with depigmentation

BREED: Dutch warmblood
AGE: 12 years
NAME: Donna Karan

Clinical case

  • The horse presented severe depigmentation of the skin. The loss of pigmentation only concerned the areas in which the bridle was used during riding. 
  • No results with previous local treatments (ointments).
  • The skin had been depigmented for over a year before laser therapy was started.

Collateral diagnostics

  • No further diagnostic tests were performed.

MLS® Laser Therapy therapeutic protocol

  • MLS® Laser Therapy with Mphi Vet Orange device: 10 treatments, twice a week, over approximately one and a half months. 
  • Spot «wound» program + spot «contaminated wound» program
  • No other therapies were carried out at the same time given the lack of response to previous topical treatments


  • After two MLS® treatments, there was a change in colour from pink to, progressively, browner. The pink spots were progressively reduced.
  • One month after the start of the treatment, hair started to grow back gradually.
  • Currently the skin has regained its original brown colour and the coat has grown back completely. Full recovery took place in two months. 
  • The depigmentation has not recurred and is no longer noticeable.

Courtesy of Judith Huizinga, Director & Laser Specialist at Center for Animal Laser Therapy (CALT) – Uithoorn, The Netherlands