Luna, dog with alopecia X

RACE: Dwarf Poodle
SEX: female
AGE: 10 years
NAME: Luna

Clinical case
Luna was taken to the clinic due to the presence of diffuse alopecia on the back, partially on the sides, and on the external and rear part of the thighs.
After the diagnostic procedure with blood tests, a biopsy was performed to confirm the suspicion of alopecia X, which gave a positive result.

Luna’s therapy consisted in the administration of a biotin supplement and she was subjected to MLS® Laser Therapy.

The "Alopecia 1" program was used once a week for 4 weeks in the first month, then we switched to the "Alopecia 2" program following the same schedule.
A total of 8 sessions of 30 minutes each in scanning mode were performed.

From the first MLS® Laser Therapy treatments, we witnessed a clear change in the appearance of the skin as well as a quick regrowth of the fur.

Courtesy of Dr. Michele Bellemo, Ambulatorio Veterinario Bellemo - Piove di Sacco (PD), Italy