Course of equine rehabilitation: MLS® at the forefront

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

During the "WetLab Equine Rehabilitation” course which was held in Rome (4th Regiment of the Carabinieri on Horseback, Tor di Quinto) on 16th February, there was ample space for the Mphi Vet Orange and Mphi Equine Orange devices and for an in-depth analysis of the use of MLS® Laser Therapy for treating equine issues.

Presided over by Doctor Melissa King – a veterinarian at Colorado State University who specialises in physiotherapy for sports horses – the meeting also featured an intervention by Doctor Tatjana Falconi (an equine veterinarian qualified in veterinary acupuncture) who answered participants’ questions concerning the use of ASA’s therapy for problems concerning horses. 

ASA and MLS® - specifies Silvio Ferracin, ASAveterinary Sales Manager for Italy – also took part in the Horse Fair on 15th February as sponsors of the “Principles of Equine Rehabilitation” seminar, also held by Doctor King, and attended by more than 60 specialist Vets from all over Italy. An important occasion, not only to view our devices, but also to demonstrate a vast and successful case history useful for their activities”.

WetLab Equine Rehabilitation - MLS Laser Therapy
WetLab Equine Rehabilitation - MLS Laser Therapy
Principles of Equine Rehabilitation - MLS Laser Therapy