Helsinki: MLS® Laser Therapy lands in Finland

Monday, November 21, 2022

M-VET, Mphi Vet Orange and Mphi Vet were the keystones of Vezer’s exhibition stand, ASAveterinary’s partner for Finland – during the 2022 Eläinlääkäripäivä national veterinary Congress organised at the beginning of December by The Finnish Veterinary Association.

This initiative, one of the most important held in the country for the veterinary sector, allowed showcasing MLS® Laser Therapy and its benefits both for treating small animal issues and equine ones.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Vezer and to Recovery Care’s contribution, – Roberto Terruzzi, ASA Area Manager, explains – during the three days of the Helsinki Congress we were able to take significant steps forward in the Finnish veterinary market, offering our therapeutic solution to the many professionals who visited us, interested in further analysing the topic. Working hand in hand with our local distributor enabled us to provide support when explaining the therapy to potential customers and to provide them with the tools and guidance useful for correctly promoting the devices. A team effort which will certainly continue when organising the first workshop dedicated to vets in March”.

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Eläinlääkäripäivät 2022 - Helsinki, Finlandia
M-VET at the National Veterinary Congress - Helsinki, Finland
M-VET at the National Veterinary Congress - Helsinki, Finland
M-VET and Mphi Vet Orange - Veterinary Congress Helsinki, Finland